Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Bird's Eye View

One day, I saw a bird on a sidewalk. The bird was greenish yellow. I stepped closer slowly and tried to catch it. Suddenly the bird spoke to me! "Hello little boy, do you want to fly with me?"

"what, you just talked to me? yes, I want to fly! but how?" I was really surprised.
"hold this rope, I will lift you up", said the bird.
I held the rope, then amazingly I found my feet off the ground and I could touch the air!

"Where are we going? and what's your name, little bird? My name is Firdaus", I held the rope very tightly, I thought we were flying at 15 meters high.
"Well, you can call me Cikrak. We will see mountain, forest, river, and houses from a bird's eye view. Do you like it?", the bird flew higher. "Of course, it will be fun! Let's go...", I screamed aloud.

"Hey, look that. It's like a cone that has a hole in the middle. What is that?", I asked Cikrak.
"That's Merapi Mount and the hole is called crater. Me and my family live in the forest around this mount.", he said. "Great, is that the forest that you mean? It is like a green carpet from this view. But some trees grew taller than the surrounding. It is an uneven carpet. haha".

We kept flying until suddenly we got dazzled by a light. "What was that?", I asked.
"Oh, It was sun light that reflected by the river." We followed the stream.
"Wow, subhanallah, the river looks like a long snake because it meandering. I want to touch the water. Cikrak, can we get closer, please?" I stretched my hand down.
"Yes of course", we flew lower so I could touch the flowing water.
A minute playing water then we moved on, "Let's continue our flight..."

"We are above the village, now. What do you see, Firdaus?", Cikrak asked me.
"Hmm, I see the wide rice-field area. The color is like you, greenish yellow, haha. And look at the houses! They are squares that spread irregularly. The colors are red, black, orange, and even blue."
"Which one is your house?"
"That one, the red square. Wait, I can see how close my home to Ali's, tough usually I get there by a bicycle. I thought it was far.. I wonder why?"
"Yes, because from this height you will see things get smaller, it's called perspective effect. So the long distances will looked so close.", Cikrak gave the explanation.

"Thank you, Cikrak. You gave me knowledges and this unforgettable experience. Now I know how the bird see the world from up here. Praise to Allah for this beautiful earth. Nice to fly with you...", I thanked Cikrak and we went back to touched the ground.
"Anytime. Take care of our nature, so that we can always see how wonderful it is. Good bye, Firdaus.."
"Good bye, Cikrak...".

"Firdaus... come on wake up, sweetheart. It is five o'clock.", suddenly I heard my mother's voice.

Ups I was dreaming, actually...
what a dream :)

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