Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Apple Baby

Saturday morning, my mother got a phone call from Uncle Ahmad. He said that her wife has just gave birth their first baby. My mother was so happy to hear that. She said she will visit them as soon as possible.

Yesterday, my mother asked me to go with her to the hospital. We were going to visit the new little baby of Uncle Ahmad and Aunt Gina. We went to the baby shop for a while, to bought a gift. I chose the gift. It was a sweater which shape looked like an apple. I chose it, just because I like apple. "Good choice. it is very unique, sweetheart", mother said to me.

When we arrived at the hospital, Aunt Gina was holding the baby. She was so glad for our visit. I went directly to her and tried to see the baby. My mother lifted me up so I could see the baby clearly. "What do you think about the baby, Rahma?" my mother said to me. I touched the baby's face and said, "it is so cute, mom. is it a girl?". "Yes, she is a girl, you are smart Rahma", my aunt said.

"Oh Rahma, give the gift to the baby, please", said my mother. "Oh yes, this is the gift for the baby, auntie.."
Aunt Gina and Uncle Ahmad said thanks. "Can we open it now?", Aunt Gina asked me. "Sure, I also want to see if it is suitable for the baby", I answered. "What a sweet sweater. The shape like an apple, isn't it?" Aunt Gina directly dressed the baby with the sweater. "Look, she is like an apple baby", I said.
Hahaha, everybody in the room were laughing and happy.

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