Selasa, 24 April 2012

Do Not

Short story behind the story: It was so difficult to find the next story titled by letter "D". Some ideas came up but I didn't make it for several times. Alhamdulillah finally, here is the next children story.. Don't forget to read Basmallah and enjoy reading! :)
I thought, My Mom was not cool at all! Since my age about 7 years old, she gave me many rules. All of the rules start by this magic words: "Do not".

My neighbor was building their house one day. Me and my friends asked some piles of sand that unused in construction. Then, we mix the sand with soil and water. We built a replica of house, monument, pyramid, and many more. We loved to play sand. Until My Mom came and said, "Do not play sand! It is dirty. It is the place for many bacteria grow. Hurry wash your hand, Dani."

Night maybe was the hardest time for My Mom persuade me to go to the bathroom. Oh come on, I was so sleepy due to many activities all day long. I was so lazy. I always argue that my teeth is clean, no need to brush my teeth. I would pretending be asleep and hugged my pillow tightly. But My Mom never gave up to remind me, "Do not sleep before brush your teeth! Bacteria will make holes and you have to see a dentist. Toothache is badly sick, you already felt it, right?". Well, I became remember how painful it was, last year. So I did what My Mom said.

Doraemon is my favorite film. So interested, I used to watch it from a distance that very close to the televison. Unless Mom passed the living room, saw me and said, "Do not watch TV very close! It can damage your eyes. Move three steps backward.".

In the afternoon, I used to play outside with my friends. Sometimes we liked to buy snack or "jajan". But I always remember what My Mom said, "Do not buy food carelessly! Avoid if the place not clean, the color is flashy, or the sauce is smelly. Those means the food is not healthy to be eaten"

The most powerful sentence of "Do not" is: "Do not skip school!" or "Do not skip learn qur'an in mosque!". Mom said many children want to school but they can't because of no money. Also many people searching for truth in life but they can't find it because they can't read qur'an. So I have to thanks to Allah for opportunity to school and learn qur'an by never skip it even one day. So that I never skip it.

That's all what made me think that Mom is not cool at all. She is so annoying when say "Do not". But later I know, she did it because she loves me. It's all for my sake, for my health, for my goodness.

Now, I just want to say, "Do not stop to remind me, Mom.." =)
notes: in parenting technique, we are suggested to minimize the use of "Do not", unless the child above 7 years old :)