Senin, 11 Agustus 2014

Heavy Rain

That afternoon the sky appeared cloudy. I saw gray clouds came in layers when I took my shoes. Whereas in the morning the sun shone brightly so I dried my shoes. I tied the rope strongly. Then I said goodbye to mother to go to school.

My school was close enough. Less than 15 minutes to walk for kids in my age. 3rd grade elementary school who have to enter the class at one p.m every day.

Along the way, cold wind was blowing "Woosh ..". It's already half way when speckled water out of the sky cracks as well "tik... tik...tik.". I walk half-ran. and "Zhaashh..." heavy rain suddenly pouring down!

Oh pity me, forgot to bring umbrella. The road was began submerged. My shoes, my uniform were getting wet. I looked for shelter immediately. But there is no such a place. Oh pity me, this is so deserted road.

"Little girl, wear this plastic. And go quickly!" shouted an old man with a piece of plastic. Suddenly he covered me with the plastic. Oh I was shocked! but I had to go ahead. I could not see the man's face clearly, I could only say, "Thank you, Sir!". Soon he passed through the way. Without any protection from the rain. All I remember, he was a scavenger with a pulled wood cart.

That afternoon, heavy rain left sweet memories that will never lost from my mind. I do not know if I can meet again with him who helped me. However, every time rain comes, I will remember that day and pray may God return the favor and give him a good life.

Kamis, 03 April 2014

Golden ink

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in the north part of earth, named Alkabaz. The people were live in prosperous and tranquility life. That was because all people loved to search and share knowledge. Knowledge made their life better. They knew how to grow plants well, how to build buildings orderly, how to keep nature good, and how to attract tourist kindly.

One of their hobby was reading. Even The King of Alkabaz very loved to read books. He had a great library inside his palace. It was opened for public. There were geography books, history, science, biography, philosophy, law, religion, stories, etc. The King's favorite genre was poetry.

King of Alkabaz not only loved to read, but also write poems. He used to write with a quill, writing pen made by moulted wing feather of bird. The quill was filled by golden ink. The golden ink was made from a mixture of iron mineral salt, tannin, and golden dust. Only King had that ink, so that golden ink has become mark of the kingdom. Then the poems became so expensive and valuable to be sold. But The King did not intend to sell his poems.

One night, The King was dreaming. He was visited by an old man, told him to throw away the golden ink. Because the ink would bring disaster to his kingdom. The King very confused, to believe or not his dream. The dream came three times. But finally The King ignored it because he was very proud to write with golden ink. He wanted to show the other kingdoms how rich his kingdom was.

A few months later, children of The King were playing in the library when they found the golden ink. Unintentionally, they spilled the ink into the kingdom pond out of library's window. Suddenly the pond's water turned into golden color. Kingdom pond actually was connected to the water piping system of Alkabaz people. A few moments later, all of water at the kingdom was polluted by golden dust. People that drank the water suddenly died and made the situation became terrific!

When the situation was heard by The King, he was so distress. He gathered all people in front of his palace. He said sorry for the incident, he regret to became so arrogant of wealth. Soon he commanded some soldier to drain all the kingdom ponds and pipes. Then he asked all of Alkabaz people to pray to God to send them heavy rain so that their water become fresh again. And God listen to their pray.

Finally The King threw away the golden ink. Now he wrote poems with ordinary ink but he made many beautiful and wisdom poems about life that much more valuable than a poem written in gold ink.