Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

From Balloon To The Moon

Tonight, the sky is so dark
Cold wind came into my room
through the small hole of the window
I rolled my blanket gently
Stepped one by one
toward the backyard

Tonight my dream will come true
The air balloon I hid behind the bushes, still remain there
Quickly I moved into the basket
Then I opened the propane valve, so the fire could flame up into the envelope
without jacket or sweater, I am ready for one night flight

Gradually the air balloon rises up higher and higher
I'm leaving my home while my parents being asleep
In the morning they will find that letter,
"Mom, Dad, let me go adventuring a little while. love you. Ali."
The wind blowing me away from my town
to the mountains of countryside

Now I can see millions of stars
they are glowing very clear
without city light bulbs disruption
Because there is only a moonlight here
that shining perfectly

This is my dream
From Balloon, I will fly away, To The Moon
Hmm, What a beautiful night...
Thank You My Lord for the perfect creations of Yours :)

Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Environment Little Heroes

This all began from my grandma. She is an active woman, especially in environmental issues. My grandma is really care about green land, fresh air, clean water, and garbage. She loves to share anything about these things to anybody. She wants everybody take care of this earth. Moreover to her grandchildren. Me and my cousins love to listen grandma's explanation. She called us the "environment little heroes". doesn't it sound cool? :)

Grandma has a big yard to be planted by many trees and flowers. Every time her grandchildren come, she asked us to gardening together. We planted any seed or just gave fertilizer. She said, heroes will plant even they know tomorrow is the end of the day.

Me and my cousins love to ride bicycle to go to school. We remember grandma's story about air pollution by car or motorcycle will affect the depletion of ozone layer. Beside that, riding bike make us healthier and saving cost. Bicycle is the vehicle of environment little heroes. Yeah..

Fishing is one of our hobbies. Once a week we go fishing at the river near grandma's house. That river is very clean. None of people who lives at the riverbank littering garbage or waste into river. Grandma and her friends used to fostering community at that riverbanks to take care the river ecosystem. So that nowadays, many people can feel the advantages of clean river.

Environment little heroes consist of 5 children. Me as ranger white. My elder cousin as ranger green. My younger cousin as ranger blue. My nephew as ranger orange and the rest my younger brother as ranger black. Those colors are the symbol of environmental elements. Black for space, orange for animal, blue for water, green for plants, and white for the air. Wherever whenever, we are ready to save the earth! Go go! ^___^