Senin, 16 November 2015

I am a muslim

I am a muslim
I believe in Allah as The Almighty God
I believe Muhammad as God's messenger
Allah is The Creator of this world
and Muhammad is God's messenger with a holy book as guidance for us human to live

Dear friend,
I will tell you again
I am a muslim
Inside my heart, I wish you also can feel what I feel
I hope you happy as I happy as a muslim
because Islam is the true way of life

I am a muslim
I do responsible to my own sin, I have no inherited sin
God promises that good deed will get good reward, while evil will get punished
God teach us how to get His forgiveness
He loves people who return to His way

I am a muslim
I am not going to kill anybody, neither terror
I am going to share you peace, friendship
I will not force anybody to accept Islam, because hidayah is God's will

Dear friend,
here I am a muslim
If you want to know about Islam
let me read Al Qur'an for you